The teams of BULSTRAD and BULSTRAD LIFE supported 32 social institutions in 20 cities in the country
30 October 2018
Nearly 230 volunteers took part in over 40 social activities to help children and the elderly people during the Social Active Day
Bulstrad Life support an international symposium for Dostoevsky
23 October 2018

International Symposium "Dostoevsky's Anthropology. Man as a Problem and Object of Image in Dostoevsky's World" will take place in Sofia from 23 to 26 October 2018.
First prize in the "Insurers for Society" competition for the cause of Bulstrad Life
02 October 2018
For the second consecutive year, the company received the first prize in the contest "Insurers for the Society" - recognition of its social commitment.
Insurance-Investment Plan "ALLES GUT"
Insurance-Investment Plan "ALLES GUT" is a life insurance linked to an investment fund. If you are looking for options to get profitability for your savings, other than traditional savings and long-term investments can offer, you can choose ALLES GUT Insurance-Investment Plan from BULSTRAD LIFE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP.
The Financial Assurance Plan has been created to assist your dreams, plans and future goals. It has the potential to be an excellent way to save the earnings gained in your active years. By accruing additional capital, it ensures supplementary funds and solid income ...
Ensure a safe and pleasurable holiday or business trip abroad. This insurance program covers a wide range of urgent and unforeseen medical expenses providing a guaranteed 24/7 support for you and your loved ones when ...

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