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Връзката между висшето образование и бизнеса реализират в дългосрочен съвместен проект Стопанска академия и Булстрад
05 June 2017
В Свищов се дипломира първият випуск на Булстрад Академия
Нова инвестиционна застраховка от „Булстрад Живот Виена Иншурънс Груп“ дава преференциални условия за клиенти
06 April 2017
За първи път у нас застраховка „Живот” се свързва с инвестиционни фондове на ЕРСТЕ Груп, а индивидуалните клиенти получават директно условията за институционални инвеститори
B-Assist app is winning awards
22 February 2017
The B-Assist app for BULSTRADLIFE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP with Health Care Insurance won two awards in a less of a month.
BULSRAD LIFE has launched new functionalities for the B-Assit mobile application and web platform for clients with Health Care insurance
23 November 2016
Free of charge version of B-assist for mobile phones/ tablets under Android or iOS is available for download at Google Play and AppStore.
Volunteers in support of 200 children and adults in need
18 November 2016
The Social Active Day for employees of BULSTRAD and BULSTRAD LIFE has been held for 6th time in a row in 10 cities around the country.
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20 November 2013
Second edition of Social Active Day and volunteering
09 November 2012
The VIG companies in Bulgaria continue their activity in the filed of volunteering by organising again a Social Active Day.
BULSTRAD LIFE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP opens working places for trainees
15 October 2012

The initiative is held under the project "New beginning - from education to employment" financed by the "Human Resources Development" Operational programme and begins this month.

Insurers participated in Social Active Day 2011
28 October 2011
Around 80 employees of Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group and Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group joined the Social Active Day  organised by the Vienna Insurance Group companies in Bulgaria with  the Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation assistance.
BULSTRAD LIFE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP is to start trainings as per the “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme
27 October 2010
The trainings are focused on “Mastering of up-to-date skills of corporate behaviour - Team Work Skills, Human Resources Management, Sales Skills and Financial Knowledge".

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