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First prize in the "Insurers for Society" competition for the cause of Bulstrad Life
For the second consecutive year, the company received the first prize in the contest "Insurers for the Society" - recognition of its social commitment

In 2017, Bulstrad Life received the award for its longstanding commitment to the Ready for Success program, this year the company was honored for the causes it supported as part of the "Stories of Goodness" initiative, which was presented to the public in 2017.

The award is recognition for both the company's social commitment to projects that seek to achieve sustainably good change for people in need, as well as recognition for the importance of the supported projects themselves:

- The project of “Bcause” Foundation and “Northwest Project” Foundation for the establishment of home social patronage based in the village of Lutybrod, which will deliver food, domestic care, social support and health services to over 300 elderly people living alone in the mountain region of the Iskar Gorge in the region of Mezdra Municipality. The project includes the renovation of a building provided by the Municipality of Mezdra, launching of social kitchen and with domestic assistants’ activities in 7 villages. In long-term view this will enable establishing of a sustainable social service for older people in the region who live in small settlements.

- The social causes "Children's House gives hope for a new start" and "The childhood needs a family" of "Our Children" Foundation: The Children's house is a real home that the "For Our Children" Foundation opens in 2015. It is an alternative to living in an institution for abandoned babies who live in the house in anticipation of being adopted, returned to their family or accommodated in a foster family. For various reasons, these children can not be raised by their biological parents, and adoption or foster care can be a long process during which children are at risk of staying in an institution. At the same time every day thousands of parents in Bulgaria face different challenges in raising their children. Most often, they look after children with disabilities or development delays, experience serious financial difficulties, endure family crises or are single parents. Through its public support centers, “For Our Children” Foundation provides free access to a wide range of social services and specialists, various types of rehabilitation, material support, etc. to children and their families in need.

- The “Health and Social Development” Foundation (HESED) project “Lecker” for equipment of a healthy cooking kitchen and training of the Roma community parents in the preparation of healthy food suitable for children's age and needs. In a long-term perspective, the implementation of the initiative will contribute to building parental competence and protecting children's health. It will also aim to create a new "fashion" changing the social norms for responsible parenting among the young mothers.

The amount donated by Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group in support of the four causes is granted by the fund to the second prize of Dr. Günther Geyer for social conscience, which the company received in 2017.

"The Insurers for Society" competition is organized annually by the Association of Bulgarian Insurers and the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers for projects in favor of the Bulgarian society and validation of the good name of the insurance industry.

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