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Bulstrad Life presented "Stories of Goodness"
Non-governmental organizations have shared how they change the lives of disadvantaged people in stories of goodness

The event was hosted by Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group

At a special event titled "Stories of Goodness", Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group gathered its partners and followers to present the stories of good actions that sometimes remain undiscovered or unheard of.

These stories or fairy tales of goodness have been told first-hand by representatives of non-governmental organizations that the company has supported over the years.

As a company that is oriented towards providing support, security and peace of mind to its customers, Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group has always been close to the people and remains with them whatever happens. This is also reflected in the commitment of the leading life insurer on the Bulgarian market to social causes and partnerships that seek to achieve sustainable change for disadvantaged people.

Such example are organizations dedicated to helping children and young people from socially vulnerable groups who work successfully with them using structured methodologies for training, counseling, and skills development. At the same time, in their day-to-day work, they seek ways to help people in need to adapt and integrate into society so that they have the chance to change their lives for the better.

The event was attended by Dr. Elena Kabakchieva, Chair of the Health and Social Development Foundation and Mrs. Ivanka Shalapatova, Executive Director of "For Our Children" Foundation. They shared stories of goodness featuring the long-standing work of the foundations with disadvantaged children, young people and families.
The BCause Foundation and the World of Maria Foundation also presented examples of stories of goodness that have became fairy tales. A longtime scholarship student of the BCause Foundation's Ready for Success program participated in the event by musical performance, and the event catering was provided by the World of Maria Foundation's Protected Cafe team.

During the event, which was held at the Museum for History of Sofia, was also outlined the second prize for social conscience granted to Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group. Dr. Günther Geyer name is assigned every year to three of the most socially engaged companies of Vienna Insurance Group - the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe.

The award was presented personally by prof. Elizabeth Stadler, CEO of Vienna Insurance Group to Mrs. Svetla Nestorova, CEO and Chair of the Board of Bulstrad Life Vienna Insurance Group.

The Günter Geyer Award for Social Conscience also includes a financial grant of € 30,000, which will allow the company to continue supporting causes for disadvantaged people also in the future.

The company has won the prestigious Dr. Günter Geyer Award for the second time in four years. In 2013, the company was awarded a third prize and along with a grant of € 20,000. The funding are provided by the main shareholder of the Vienna Insurance Group - Wiener Städtische Wechselseitiger Versicherungsverein, Austria.

More information about the award and the social engagement of Vienna Insurance Group:

Dr. Günter Geyer Award for Social Conscience was established in 2012 and is awarded by Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige Versicherungsverein, the major shareholder of the Vienna Insurance Group, to companies of the Group that have excelled in the field of corporate social responsibility as a sign of recognition and an incentive to include social engagement as part of everyday business practices. Each year, three companies in the Group are awarded a financial grant, which is intended to further support social projects.

The Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is one of the leading insurers in Central and Eastern Europe and accepts the responsibilities that accompany this position by supporting various social projects. VIG encourages its employees to engage in volunteering by supporting adults, people with disabilities and children in need. Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, the main shareholder of the Vienna Insurance Group, boasts of its long tradition of helping socially vulnerable members of society and actively supporting Group companies in their work to help people in need. This engagement with social activities can be traced back in time to the foundation of the company in the 19th century, and VIG continues to fully support it, even in tough times for the economy. VIG companies are a reliable partner who accepts values such as protection and security as well as tolerance and equality.
More about Wiener Städtische Wechselseitige Versicherungsverein - the main shareholder of the Vienna Insurance Group, and the initiatives it supports can be found at: http://www.wst-versicherungsverein.at/en/

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